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fire Every Monday, Thursday & Saturday

clock--v1 9 pm – 11 pm | 8 Competition

marker--v1 Location: Sainamyen Rd. Patong

Get ready to experience the authentic and thrilling world of Muay Thai at Patong Boxing Stadium Sainamyen Rd. in Phuket! Choose from Ringside and Stadium tickets priced at 1800, and 1500 Thai Baht. Ringside seats offer an up-close view with reclining leather seats, while Stadium tickets provide a broader view from the grandstand with seats around the ring and benches outside. Enjoy cooling wall fans, big TVs, and expert English commentary during the intense bouts. Book your tickets now and witness the excitement!

Patong Boxing Stadium Muay Thai Arena 

The Muay Thai Arena at Patong Boxing Stadium is a must-visit for fight enthusiasts. It is one of the largest stadiums in Southern Thailand and the main venue in Patong Beach, Phuket. Great ambiance, ventilation, dimly lit arena with an energetic crowd gives off a little of an underground fight. The doors open approximately one hour before the fight starts roughly around 9pm and shuts at around 11:30 pm. Please note that the stadium crowd can get loud, which may affect sensitive individuals. Also, keep in mind that Muay Thai is an extreme sport involving acts of violence and may not be suitable for those who do not enjoy combat fights.

Patong Boxing Stadium Thai Boxing

Here, skilled fighters demonstrate their techniques and agility, bringing the ancient art of Thai Boxing to life in thrilling bouts. Prepare for an action-packed evening as you watch authentic Thai Boxing matches on one of the biggest rings in southern Thailand! Patong Boxing Stadium, with a capacity for hundreds of people, offers fights three nights a week, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Fighters come from all around the globe, and the stadium hosts men’s, women’s, and junior bouts, including title matches.

Patong Boxing Stadium Muay Thai Fights

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Muay Thai fights at Patong Boxing Stadium. Witness professional fighters from various weight divisions showcasing their skills and strategies in thrilling displays of martial prowess. The matches start with children’s fights and progress to adult matches, totaling about 7 to 10 fights per night, each consisting of 5 rounds, and lasting approximately 2 and a half hours. Monday night cards usually feature the best fights, including bouts with international fighters.

What to Expect at Patong Boxing Stadium

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of dimly lit arenas and an energetic crowd, creating an underground fight-like atmosphere? Patong Boxing Stadium offers excellent ventilation and background music from a live band, elevating the overall experience. You’ll notice that the majority of the audience consists of foreigners rather than locals. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs stating that gambling is prohibited at the stadium. If you’re interested in training, you can conveniently opt for one-on-one sessions, priced at just 500 baht per hour. An excellent offer indeed!

Wai Kru dance

The Wai Kru dance is a sacred tradition in Muay Thai, showcasing deep-rooted cultural heritage. Before each bout, fighters perform this ritualistic dance, paying homage to teachers, ancestors, and the sport’s spirits. It expresses respect, gratitude, and seeks blessings for an honorable fight. The dance symbolizes mental and spiritual preparation, connecting with Muay Thai’s essence, adding grace and reverence to the intense battles, and upholding tradition and honor.

Muay Thai Styles Getting There

Muay Thai boasts diverse combat styles, each with unique characteristics and techniques. Among the seven key styles are Muay Femur, known for its tricky moves, Muay Khao, delivering devastating knee strikes, Muay Mud, relying on powerful punches, and Muay Tae, unleashing deadly kicks. Muay Sok excels in expert elbow strikes, while Muay Plam specializes in clinching techniques. Lastly, Muay Farang incorporates techniques from other martial arts. These styles enrich the sport, creating a captivating and dynamic martial art adored by practitioners and spectators alike.

Bookings and Reservations

Booking via WhatsApp is quick and friendly. For the transfer service please contact the agency directly. Upon entering, you receive a complimentary t-shirt for the ringside ticket. At the stadium, payment options include cash or a 5% credit card service fee. For extra benefits like a free pick-up service, please contact the stadium directly.

Food and Drinks

You can expect delightful food served by helpful staff right at your seat. Enjoy popcorn soda and refreshing beer while watching thrilling Muay Thai fights. For heartier options, try the reasonably priced French fries and burgers. It’s the perfect destination for both sports enthusiasts and food lovers.

The Vicinity

Surrounding the stadium are diverse shops, malls, and activities, including Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Patong Night Market, Patong Beach, bars, nightclubs, Naina Hotel, and a sporting goods store.

Getting to Patong Boxing Stadium Phuket

The stadium is located on Sainamyen Road behind Patong Police Station, you can choose between taking a tuk-tuk or a taxi. If you prefer to walk, it will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes from your starting point along Sai Namyen Road to reach the stadium. However, it is recommended to book a taxi or tuk-tuk as the stadium’s location may be a bit challenging to locate. The stadium’s address is 2/59 Sainamyen Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150.

Transfers & Prices

More info, please contact us on WhatsApp.
Fight Dates

Sat 15 JUN 2024, Mon 17 JUN 2024, Thu 20 JUN 2024, Sat 22 JUN 2024, Mon 24 JUN 2024, Thu 27 JUN 2024, Sat 29 JUN 2024, Mon 1 JUL 2024, Thu 4 JUL 2024, Sat 6 JUL 2024, Mon 8 JUL 2024

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